State Cup kicks off the New Year

The best club soccer teams in California are going at it in head-to-head competition throughout the state from January through May in the 2004 State Cup tournaments.

More than 2,000 California teams will be competing in the annual competition to determine the best soccer teams in the state. And Action Shooters Inc will be there to capture all the action.

"We recently signed two-year contracts with both CYSA-North (Cal North) and CYSA-South (Cal South) to provide exclusive action photography services for the two organizations' Chevrolet Cups, State Cups and Tide American Cups," said Action Shooters CFO Toby Oliver.

"So needless to say, we will get to see some of the best soccer in the country this winter and next," He added.

Cal South State Cup Tournament Director Dave Lamb said the number of Southern California teams involved in State Cup is up 18 percent from last year.

"There is a lot to be excited about," Lamb said. With the soccer competition as good as it is "some of our kids in older age brackets may be able make the national team, and could possibly be involved in the World Cup in 2006."

In addition to this year's California State Cup tournaments, Action Shooters Inc will also be photographing the Nevada State Cup tournaments as well.

"We started doing some tournaments in Las Vegas this year, and the response was awesome," Oliver said. "Now we are scheduled to do their Chevrolet Silver State Invitational, Snickers State Cup and the College Showcase event in March."

The California State Cup action kicks off January 10 & 11 an d continues into June, and for the teams that make it, culminates in the Far West Regionals in Spokane Washington, and the National competition in Orlando, Florida.

The following is a list of dates and locations where Action Shooters Inc will be photographing State Cup teams and presenting photographs. Teams will be photographed, and the photographs presented at the indicated fields during the preliminary rounds of each tournament.

The first date indicated will be the photography date. The second and following dates are dates photographs will be on-site for parents, players and coaches to view.
Northern California (Cal North)
Chevrolet Association Cup
January 11, 12 Cherry Island, Fremont, Morgan Hill, Turlock
March 6, 7 Cherry Island, Fremont, Morgan Hill, Turlock
Snickers State Cup (Cal North)
January 17, 18 Cherry Island, Fremont, Morgan Hill, Turlock
March 20, 21 Cherry Island, Fremont, Morgan Hill, Turlock
Southern California (Cal South)
Chevrolet Open Cup
January 31, 2/1 Bakersfield, Lancaster, Temecula
February 7, 8 Bakersfield, Lancaster, Temecula
April 3, 4 Bakersfield, Lancaster, Temecula
April 17, 18 Bakersfield, Lancaster, Temecula
National State Cup (Cal South)
February 14, 15, 21 Lancaster
April 24, 25, 5/1 Lancaster
May 22, 23, 24 Lancaster
Nevada (USYS Nevada)
Chevrolet Silver State Invitational
January 31, 2/1 Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex, Desert Breeze
March 13, 14 Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex, Desert Breeze
Snickers State Cup
May 8, 9 Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex
If you are a parent or coach, and have any questions, please see our "Contact Us" page. If you are a parent and missed seeing your photographs from the tournament, please go to our "Customer Requests" page.

Good luck from Action Shooters Inc to all the players and coaches throughout California and Nevada involved in the 2004 State Cup tournaments. Play hard and remember to have fun.

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